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Whisky Wedge


Father’s Day –Whiskey Wedge

Your dad’s not cool, he’s not down with the kids and he definitely can’t dance but I bet he loves a gadget as much as the next man does! The Whiskey Wedge is the perfect gadget for Dads on Father’s day and might even make him look cool.

The Whiskey Wedge is an edgy new way to ensure your Whiskey remains perfectly chilled but undiluted. In the pack you get both the glass and the silicone mould. See below for how the product works.

How it works:

  1. Place silicone over top of the glass.
  2. Fill glass with water to the marked “Fill Line”.
  3. Store flat in a freezer until frozen, pull corner tab to remove silicone from glass.
  4. The glass now contains a perfect wedge of slow-melting ice. Fill with your favourite spirit and enjoy!

Product Information:

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Corkcicle Whisky Chiller
To cool your drinks without diluting them
Pack Size:
1 glass
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