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    Crusted is a rare, traditional style of port and Fonseca is one of the few firms that produce it. Fonseca Crusted is a blend of full-bodied wines bottled with no filtration and then cellared for three years before being released for sale. As the name indicates, it will form a ‘crust’ or sediment in the bottle and should be decanted before being served. The formation of this ‘crust’ is a natural process that occurs in the finest full-bodied ports. It is an indication that the wine will continue to improve in bottle and develop its aroma and character with age. Fonseca Crusted is selected from the finest ports from the top quality Cima Corgo area of the Douro Valley and the supply is limited.

    In the glass this wine shows some age looking paler more brick red than deep purple. It has quite a serious old fashioned style. Think old Etonian for that kind of well mannered charm. It will need decanting but that is simply a case of leaving the bottle standing upright and then with a good light behind it pouring the wine into a decanter until sediment starts to appear. Use the small amount of port that is left to enrich a stew or gravy.

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    In terms of Port Fonseca is the Merlot to Taylors Cabernet in that Fonseca is always rounded plumier and more charming whilst Taylors is restrained, proper with greater backbone. Both Port houses are now under the same family ownership and both share the same wine maker in David Guimaraens.

    Fonseca LBV is a traditional style LBV bottled without filtration it may throw a sediment and therefore need decanting. It has a wonderful aroma of dark fruits and spices with a nice touch of liquorice. These carry through into the taste with a lovely rich sweetness that lingers on the palate.

    Fonseca LBV works perfectly well with blue cheese such as Stilton but it is particularly good with dark chocolate.

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    Vintage Port is the ultimate expression of Port and Taylors are one of the most renowned producers. On 23rd April 2013, Taylor’s announced its decision to release a classic Vintage Port from the exceptional 2011 harvest. Comments as follows

    Adrian Bridge, Managing Director

    ‘2011 was a textbook year that has produced Vintage Ports which are classics in every sense. The Taylor’s 2011 is a perfect example of the house style, elegant and refined but also with the characteristic inner strength and stamina which define Taylor’s Vintage Ports.’

    Tasting Note

    Impenetrable blue-black colour with narrow purple rim. Intricate and finely constituted, the nose displays classic Taylor elegance and poise. A dense core of pure complex fruit, redolent of blackberry and cassis, is enveloped in a fragrant aura of violets. Resiny garrigue scents and subtle notes of liquorice and black coffee emerge as the nose develops. On the palate, taut, linear tannins provide a solid framework. Fine berry fruit flavours linger into the finish where the tannins re-emerge to provide an attractive touch of austerity.

    Only 11,000 cases were produced.